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Daddy Cookiz / Jonathan Winthagen

Daddy Cookiz

Junior 6+

Daddy Cookiz has been captivated by Jamaican music and hip-hop since childhood. He is one of the singers of reggae group Atomic Spliff. Initially, he was known for his rhythmic and instrumental pieces for hip-hop (beatmaking), which he later complemented with his passion for singing. With Boom Bap Clup, he conveys his passion for beatmaking and sampling, creating music based on sound samples from old records, cassettes, live recorded objects,... For it, he unearths samples from all corners of the world (Ethiopian jazz, Latin American sounds, Asian songs,...) and mixes them up with hip-hop beats. A playful and participatory concert, and perhaps the opportunity to make music with lemons!

Flagey, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles

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Jeunesses Musicales 21|22