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Vortex (Gaspar Noé)


Belgian premiere| Gaspar Noé

After his frenzied films full of sex, drugs and violence, Gaspar Noé surprises with Vortex, a film about love in times of dementia. 

Vortex tells the story of a nameless elderly couple. In their bleak Parisian flat, 'father', played by Dario Argento, takes care of his demented wife in between writing his book about the relationship between dreams and films. She is a retired psychiatrist, played by Françoise Lebrun, who kicks off Vortex by leaving her husband in bed to make a cup of coffee. It is the ordinary start of an unusual descent into the great void - as if Noé were flushing a toilet in slow motion and watching with unsentimental, docu-like eyes as everything disappears down the drain.

Flagey, Film Fest Gent

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Vortex | Trailer | Film Fest Gent 2021