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Alex Koo / Johan Jacobs

Alex Koo

album release : Etudes for piano (W.E.R.F. Records, 2023)

Piano wizard Alex Koo seemed destined for a career as a classical pianist, As a teenager however, the Belgian-Japanese fell in love with jazz. In his new album Etudes for Piano, he merges his fondness for both worlds. Boldness and virtuosity go hand in hand with melancholy and... the surprising use of his elbows. His music is a marriage between the worlds of Debussy, Chopin, Reich, Rachmaninov on the one hand and the contemporary sounds of Keith Jarrett, Craig Taborn, Brian Eno and Philip Glass on the other.

A mesmerising storyteller on piano.


'Stunningly original' - Downbeat Jazz Magazine

‘Belgium is too small for pianist Alex Koo’ – De Tijd

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