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Enfin en accords ! - ORCW / Laurent Fack

Enfin en accords ! - ORCW

Junior 5+

A string quartet is accompanied on stage by a whimsical character who will turn everything upside down... For the past 5 years, the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia has been offering shows to children as part of the "ORCW For Kids". From their laughter, we can guess that their new creation will not go unnoticed again. The previous production, NezRouge#Quatuor, on tour for Jeunesses Musicales, reached several thousand school children in Wallonia and Brussels.

Mozart, Debussy or even Ravel and his Bolero, the musicians cover a large classical repertoire. It took many rehearsals not to be destabilized by the clown's antics, this time flanked by his double bass and a tap-dancing number. Together, they invite us on the crossroads of the classical, rock and contemporary musical epic, the notes coming together like so many smiles in the land of burlesque and poetry.

Born into a family of musicians, Anne-Sophie Delire played several instruments at a very young age. Wishing to deepen her ability to relate to children, she became a teacher and trained at the Brussels Circus School. She develops clown shows for hospitalized children and transmits art to the children in her classes through the magical and poetic universe of her friend the clown who has gone to discover a still unknown and marvelous world: "her" classical music.

Flagey, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles

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