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Sïan Able / Paul Pulinckx

Sïan Able

Album Release 'Veni Vidi Sensi'

Come and discover SÏAN ABLE's first album in preview during this trio show in Studio 1 of Flagey.

Sïan Able is Anaïs Elba’s solo project, a palindrome referring to her ambidexterity. A singular and melancholic universe, between pop-soul and neo-soul.

From singing to keyboards, from writing to composition, Sïan is made of raw materials, she is magnetic, instinctive and vibrant. Her music is as muscled as her personality, her voice as frank as her lyrics.

She talks about emotions in a vivid way and reveals the intricacies of her darkness wholeheartedly.

VENI VIDI SENSI is a cathartic album, more assumed and transparent than her previous projects, she considers it a coming-out on her mental health. Sïan Able is strongly nourishing the hope of touching a maximum of hearts with this first opus.

Arranged and orchestrated for many months, it is enhanced by a women’s and children’s choir, recorded on an 1896 Blüthner piano at Sunny Side Studio Inc, and produced by Take-Off Record. She invites the ghosts of Barbara, Nina Simone or Wayne Dyer, to get in her verses, through symbolic speeches.