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Opération Père Noël

Opération Père Noël + Au Pays de l'aurore boreale

Marc Robinet, Caroline Attia | Junior 5+

Eight-year-old William spends his days in solitude in the mansion of his wealthy parents. Accustomed to getting everything he wants, he asks for nothing less than Santa Claus himself as a Christmas present. William's father wants to grant his son's wish and hires a renowned hunter. The unscrupulous mercenary sets a trap for his special prey. Will William's ill-considered wish put an end to the magic of Christmas?


Colin has been living with his grandfather Karl since his parents died. When Karl leaves on a narwhal hunt, Colin finds himself all alone in his sleigh house. He will have to overcome his fears and unravel the secrets of the Great North.

Cineflagey by Cinematek & Kinograph

In the context of

Xmas Family Time