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Flagey, architect Joseph Diongre / Johan Jacobs

Paquebot et usine à sons… dans les coulisses de Flagey

Before the concert, discover Brussels!

Take a look behind the scenes and discover, among other things, the recording studios and engine room of this beautiful listed building.

Between 1935 and 1938, the modern "sound factory" takes the form of a majestic ocean liner, an amazing concept and one of the first broadcasting buildings in the world to be praised for its beauty, functionality and acoustics. The Maison de la Radio is now known as "Flagey", after the mayor of Ixelles at the time. 

On February 1, 1931, the National Institute of Radio Broadcasting, INR, launched a national radio program. After a tumultuous design competition, finally won in 1933 by the Brussels architect Joseph Diongre, assisted by the engineer Raymond Braillard, the first stone was laid in 1935. The concept combines architectural innovation with the strictest acoustic and technical requirements, with great attention to the finish of the specially designed furniture.

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