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Quatuor Alfama

Quatuor Alfama

Release concert: so Far so Close

After the success of their CD Still Schubert, the Alfama Quartet, in its new configuration, records a new album devoted to the exacerbated romanticism in the music of Mendelssohn and Schumann.

"Without you the music cannot flow in any way": here we talk about that duality so far so close which was at the heart of the relationship between Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn as well as Clara and Robert Schumann.

Through two great string quartets of the Romantic repertoire, Mendelssohn's sixth and Schumann's first, Alfama immerses us into the tormented soul of the first and the loneliness of the second.

Solaire - Aérien - Choral. These Trois Mouvements pour quatuor à cordes from Patrick Leterme, commissioned by Alfama, complete the programme by adding a dose of passionate lyricism (in the style of Schumann) and religious spirituality (in the style of Mendelssohn).