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Birth (Jonathan Glazer)

Jonathan Glazer

In the run-up to the release of The Zone of Interest on 31.01.2024, Cineflagey invites you to (re)discover the 3 first feature films by British director Jonathan Glazer.

Initially a director of music videos (for Massive Attack and Radiohead, among others) and advertising films (for the Belgian beer Stella Artois, among others), Glazer has established an impressive film career since 2000. With a filmography of just four feature films during a 23-year span, you can hardly call him a prolific filmmaker. As the interval between each subsequent film got longer and longer, so proportionally, expectations rose every time a new film project was announced. Four years after Sexy Beast came Birth (2004), then we had to wait until 2013 for Under the Skin and now, no less than 10 years later, there’s The Zone of Interest (2023). But all Glazer’s films are impressive: they get under your skin and continue to resonate long after you have left the cinema.