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Flagey's Jonge Wolven / Flagey, Entre Chien et Loup

Flagey, Entre Chien et Loup 24|25

Being a musician is about reinventing yourself, trying out new things, pushing your boundaries, but above all, making yourself known to the public. Whether you are active in the world of classical, jazz or traditional music, it is not easy for young artists to build a successful musical career.

With the 'Flagey, Entre Chien et Loup' concert series, Flagey wants to give artists both from home and abroad a helping hand. By offering them a stage, whether it be through concert recordings or composition assignments, this series helps them realize their artistic projects and ideas. The concerts take place throughout the season and are the perfect opportunity to catch these artists at an important turning point in their lives.

The concert cycles ‘Flagey, Entre Chien et Loup’ is supported by BNP Paribas Fortis

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