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The Great Dictator (Chaplin)

The different guises of the tyrant

Quoted in many articles as one of the first American anti-Nazi films, Hitlers Reign of Terror was thought to be lost.

A copy was found and digitalised by the Royal Belgian Film Archive. We invite you to discover this unique milestone in cinema history, that brazenly mixes documentary and fictionalised reconstructions, but which also contains remarkable moments captured by the director in 1930s Germany. Since the end of the Second World War, great filmmakers have used their medium to remind the world of the Nazi horror and its incarnation in the figure of the Führer. Chaplin and Lubitsch depicted the unspeakable with humour in their respective masterpieces, The Great Dictator and To Be or Not to Be. Sokurov approached the subject with more gravity and ambiguity in Moloch.

In collaboration with CINEMATEK