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De chaque instant (Nicolas Philibert)

Nicolas Philibert

Having cut his teeth with René Allio (Moi, Pierre Rivière...), Nicolas Philibert naturally turned to the documentary genre.

And since then, he has focused on non-narrative cinema, questioning contemporary society in its many shapes and forms, from La Ville Louvre (1990) until today. His work is frank and objective: no added commentary, no ostensible positions taken, masses of raw material sorted and assembled to obtain the most faithful possible representation. Philibert does not hold the contemporary world in contempt: he always strives to reveal positive aspects, as he did with considerable success in Être et avoir, a delightful portrait of a teacher in a rural school, the deserved winner of the Louis Delluc Prize and the César Awards. De chaque instant belongs to this tradition.

In collaboration with CINEMATEK