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Donbass (Sergei Loznitsa)

Sergei Loznitsa : doc & fiction

A scientist by training, and an expert in artificial intelligence, Sergei Loznitsa left everything for the cinema. His chosen field is documentary films, always focusing on the problems of his region.

He is undeniably the greatest Ukrainian filmmaker, and his passionate, uncompromising tone is an integral part of the interest he arouses in the world. Like Michael Moore, he lays little claim to objectivity: he wears his ideological choices on his sleeve and does not hold back for fear of causing offence. But he is a filmmaker at heart, and his transition to narrative cinema has left no doubt about his immense talent. Loznitsa is an auteur in every sense of the word, visceral and daring, perfectly equipped to exploit the tools of his trade to the full.

In collaboration with CINEMATEK