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Festival Musiq'3 / Fany Grégoire

Festival Musiq'3 2020

Due to the corona virus, the tenth edition of the Musiq'3 Festival is postponed to 2021.

The classical music festival with the highest rock ‘n roll content – that’s how Festival Musiq3 describes itself! Ever since the first edition in 2011 Festival Musiq3 has wanted to share the pleasure of classical music with as broad, young and diverse a public as possible.

And it does this by being open: open for all musical styles, from classical to jazz, from world music to rock. Open for all musicians: big stars stand next to young recruits from the academies. Open for all audiences: whether you come with friends, with the whole family, as a couple or on your own, everyone can enjoy beautiful musical moments, in a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

Flagey, Festival Musiq’3