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Klarafestival 2021

Klarafestival 2021

Es ist noch nicht alles verloren!

With the upcoming spring, Klarafestival 2021 is quickly taking shape. A little while ago we promised – with Es ist noch nicht alles verloren! (All is not lost!) – a reassuring and hopeful festival with the relationships between people and their environment at its heart.

Klarafestival is going completely digital this year. From 13 to 22 March, you will be able to enjoy no fewer than 12 audiovisual projects on its revamped website. As usual, you can also enjoy them via Klara: on the radio or through the Klara app. The performances can also be watched via VRT NU as well as via Proximus Pickx. In addition, nine performances will feature in the programming of the new pop-up culture broadcaster Podium 19 from 25 to 28 March.  

In an age when quality recordings from the classical repertoire are just a click away, Klarafestival 2021 will be focusing on undiscovered work, new creations and symbioses of sound and image. 

Here are the concerts that will be broadcast from Flagey: