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Chaplin (Richard Attenborough)

Chaplin & The Tramp

When we look back at the history of cinema, Chaplin is often the first name that comes to mind. Considered the greatest of filmmakers by so many, in so many places, celebrated and admired from capitalist USA to Stalinist USSR, he is remembered as an unrivalled comic genius. Even today, how many films can claim to arouse such unanimous laughter as The Gold Rush or Modern Times? A master of mime (he held out against talkies for nearly 15 years, continuing to make masterpieces for audiences that had long since consigned silent films, except his own, to oblivion), an inexhaustible innovator (his influence can be seen in the work of countless directors over the decades), a courageous protester (McCarthyism and its aftermath drove him into exile for his incendiary satires, and the league of decency for his private life), Chaplin is unforgettable, inescapable, inexhaustible.

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