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Flagency boosts the career of young musicians

Flagey, is entering into a unique partnership with BNP Paribas Fortis under the name Flagency. With this ambitious programme, Flagey and the bank aim to guide young musicians and launch or lift their careers to the next level. By combining artistic and financial support, Flagency aims to become an (inter)national programme for young up-and-coming talent.

Musicians need more than just talent to make their way in the music industry. Thanks to Flagency’s artistic and financial support, young artists can devote themselves fully to their careers. Every three years, up to five new Belgian and international talents are selected to take part in the Flagency programme. Each of them can count on three years of support.

Artistic expertise

Flagey, a cultural centre known far beyond the borders of Brussels and Belgium, will provide these talents with mentoring and coaching. A dedicated team of experienced professionals will help the artists build a professional network and offer advice on bookings, performances, recordings and rehearsal spaces. The musicians will also receive assistance with promotion, marketing and intellectual property rights. In addition, Flagey will put the musicians in touch with other major international cultural institutions in Norway, Finland, Latvia, Hungary and Italy.

.... and financial

Buying and insuring a musical instrument, renting a rehearsal space, recording music, travelling to gigs at home and abroad ... Musicians need financial resources to cover their costs.

As financial partner of the project, BNP Paribas Fortis offers its expertise. The bank will provide the musicians with personalised advice on sound financial management, tailor-made loans and insurance, and international banking.

In collaboration with Dreams Lab (by Partena professional), the bank will also advise them on all the legal and administrative obligations needed to build an (international) career including how to set up as an independent entrepreneur, where to get a VAT number and company number, how to apply for subsidies, etc.

Five talents, three years of support

Every three years, up to five new Belgian and international talents with close ties to Belgium will be selected to participate in the Flagency programme. They can count on three years of mentoring.

For the first edition, Flagey has already selected four artists.

  • Marco Mantovani (pianist, born 1992, Italy)
  • Arthur Possing (pianist, born 1996, Luxembourg) 
  • Elodie Vignon (pianist, born 1984, France)
  • Aleksey Shadrin (cellist, born 1993, Ukraine; and also laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition)

Find Flagency's concert series here.

Michael Anseeuw, CEO of BNP Paribas Fortis: “We are delighted to be able to accompany a new generation of musical talents as they make their way to a place of honour on the stage. We already sponsor events such as the Queen Elisabeth Competition and are partners of La Monnaie, Bozar and Flagey, three cultural centres with an international reputation. But we want to go beyond just financial support, so we’ll work with our partners to help young talent grow. For example, we support the Flagey Academy and the Young Wolves of Flagey. Flagency is a logical next step for us because it’s where our appreciation of culture and our financial expertise come together.

Gilles Ledure, general manager of Flagey: “We are very happy to be able to offer support to emerging artists who are about to take the next step in their careers. Thanks to the support of BNP Paribas Fortis, a long-standing and reliable partner, and supporter of the “Young Wolves” programme, we will be able to offer not only financial support but also advice on the business side of being an artist. We understand that artists are mainly concerned with the creative aspect of their profession, but we know that they will appreciate advice and help with the business aspect.”

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