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Flagey Academy / Johan Jacobs

6 - 12 years: preparatory choir programme in primary schools

To prepare children in Brussels for the youth choir of Flagey Academy, Flagey organizes a preparatory choir programme in primary schools in Brussels. Flagey also works closely with ReMuA and Singing Molenbeek. All children who have followed the choral activities of Flagey’s preparatory programme, ReMuA or Singing Molenbeek can audition for Flagey Academy from the age of 10.

Today, more than 400 children benefit from these choral activities. They are selected on the basis of their motivation and make a long-term commitment. Rehearsals and music theory lessons take place during school hours under the supervision of a team of professional choral conductors and music teachers.

To boost the children's self-confidence and motivation, they regularly perform in front of an audience. In addition, children from different schools and neighbourhoods can get to know each other through joint activities.

In order to get the children excited about the youth choir of Flagey Academy, they get the chance to explore the Flagey Academy campus and to know the choir’s activities during outings and meetings throughout the school year.

Saint Martin school's rehearsal | Flagey Academy