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Flagey closed its doors to the public from December 24th 2021 to January 28th 2022. Find out more
Flagey Academy / Johan Jacobs

10 - 20 years: Flagey Academy

About thirty young people are part of Flagey Academy, a new youth choir led by conductor Helen Cassano that is based in Flagey and La Maison qui Chante.

Recruitment will take place annually on the basis of auditions. All children who have followed the choral activities of Flagey’s preparatory programme, ReMuA or Singing Molenbeek can audition for Flagey Academy from the age of 10. If in need of extra voices, Flagey Academy will organise additional auditions.

The choir members follow an intensive programme, with:

  • rehearsals
  • music theory classes
  • singing lessons
  • workshops given by artists in residence at Flagey
  • extra tutoring in subjects that are proving difficult at school (ULB Schola)

These young singers will perform in public at least once a month at various locations acrossthe city. Flagey Academy also stimulates contact with other (youth) choirs and (youth) orchestras at home and abroad on the occasion of rehearsals, concerts and the annual summer schools.

Boys whose voice breaks receive individual coaching and remain attached to the choir until they are ready to sing again.

Flagey Academy | Flagey Academy: a new youth choir is born | 2021