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Le Cri des Coquelicots / Elisa Vdk, Melissa Laurent

Le cri des coquelicots

Elisa Vdk, Melissa Laurent

Their names are Fatima, Melissa, Joanna, Valérie, Sarah, Carole, Sandrine, Lisa, Christel and Renata: Brussels citizens with a precarious life. Women, (ex-)drug users, sometimes mothers, sex workers and/or (ex-)prisoners. Their living conditions confront them with the violence of the street and multiple discriminations. This discrimination is the result of a patriarchal, capitalist, classist and racist system, repressive and punitive drug legislation and the lack of political courage in the face of increasing insecurity. When it is not reduced to stereotypes, their voice is most often invisibilised. However, these women have a lot to say and to demonstrate. We need to get away from clichés and misery to highlight their strength, resilience and solidarity.

Cineflagey by Cinematek & Kinograph