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/ Brussels Short Film Festival 2023

National Competition 5

Brussels Short Film Festival 2023

The Silent Ones (Basile Vuillemin)
BE - 2022 - fiction - color - 20'20'' - French OV - NED/ENG SBT
with Hugo Simon, Arieh Worthalter, Thierry Barbet, Arnaud Duléry, François Gillerot

At the end of an unsuccessful fishing trip, a small trawler’s desperate captain and crew ultimately agree they have to do something risky, but potentially lucrative, to change their fortune.

Fiction Dansée (Michèle Anne De Mey)
BE - 2022 - fiction - color - 39'00'' - French OV - NED/ENG SBT

In the house of their childhood, a man and a woman are confronted with their common memories yet so different. To the rhythm of their journey in each of the rooms, the dance leads them into their imaginary world at the edge of reality.

Martha (Léo Médard)
BE - 2022 - fiction - color - 24'34'' - French OV - NED/ENG SBT
with Camille Sansterre, Gabrielle Claeys

Martha and Maël go together to the sea. Their long separation does not make things easier and the boy discovers the truth behind a mother who is struggling to communicate. Trapped in the momentum of a destructive love, Martha struggles above all against herself.

Motherless Child (Sophie Maréchal)
BE - 2022 - fiction - color - 18'35' - French OV - NED/ENG SBT
with Anaël Snoek, Anatole Zangs, Astrid Whettnall, Vicenzo deJonghe, Adriana da Fonseca et Clément Manuel 

Barbara, a 30-year old single female, is the typical example of a modern woman: a “working girl” living in a fast lane. Barbara is completely hooked on her smartphone, but her routine is about change when a mysterious balloon, seemingly sent from the sky, floats into her life.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival