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El Sistema Belgium: Family Day / ReMuA

El Sistema Belgium & Brussels Philharmonic

After a year of intensive rehearsals, over 50 kids from Brussels, aged between 8 and 12, will share the stage with the musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic: a spectacular finale of the school year!

This year, the El Sistema Belgium orchestra comprises over 50 students from elementary schools in Forest (Sainte-Alène and Les Bruyères) and Brussels (Emile André and Baron Steens). After the school day ends, these young musicians dive into the world of violin, cello, viola, and flute twice a week. They practice in small groups, always under the expert guidance of the musicians from ReMuA non-profit organization.

They gather monthly for an orchestra session, aiming towards a dazzling highlight: the annual end-of-year concert. There, they stand side by side with the Brussels Philharmonic on the grand stage of Studio 4 in Flagey, led by the passionate Nathalie Muspratt.

This year, they invite us to explore the enchanting world of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, featuring gems like The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and The Waltz of the Flowers.

With the project El Sistema Belgium, every year ReMuA vzw gives thousands of children the chance to learn music at school and in their neighbourhood. "The rehearsals bring young people together around a common artistic project, and despite the obstacles at the start, a warm bond always develops within the group." But it's more than just music. It's also a lesson in citizenship, exchange, respect, and listening to one another, topped with the joy of making music together.

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