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Mass for the Endangered / candystation

Mass for the Endangered

Vlaams Radiokoor & Brussels Philharmonic Soloists

Commissioned by Trinity Wall Street as part of their “Mass Re-Imaginings” Project, Mass for the Endangered is a hymn for the voiceless and the discounted, a requiem for the not-yet-gone. The six-movement piece appeals for parity, compassion, and protection, from a mindset—a malignance or apathy—that threatens to destroy the planet we all are meant to share.

The intense parts of the Mass are interspersed with brief piano interludes, providing moments for reflection and contemplation: how will our present generation ensure a habitable planet for the next? What steps are we taking today to create a sustainable future for our planet, ensuring the well-being of our children and grandchildren?

The Vlaams Radiokoor presents this contemporary mass in honour of Earth Day, calling not only for compassion and protection through music but also emphasising the need for heightened awareness, urgency, and, most importantly, action.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic Soloists, Vlaams Radiokoor

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