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Louise van den Heuvel Quartet ‘Sonic Hug’ / Thomas Geuens

Louise van den Heuvel Quartet ‘Sonic Hug’

album release: Sonic Hug (2024, W.E.R.F. Records)

The rising star of Dutch jazz, Louise van den Heuvel, is rapidly gaining recognition. Her new quartet, Sonic Hug, features a group of young musicians who are making waves in the Belgian jazz scene. Among them is Hendrik Lasure, one of the most sought after and acclaimed musicians of his generation, known for his work with schntzl, An Pierlé Quartet, and as a solo artist. The group also includes the talented Irish artist Sam Comerford (Thunderblender, Warm Bath, Augusto Pirodda) and drummer Daniel Jonkers (Profound Observer).

Sonic Hug is currently working on an album that will be presented during their upcoming tour. Drawing on personal memories, Louise van den Heuvel creates new compositions while leaving ample room for groove and imagination. The result promises to be an exciting and fresh addition to the jazz scene.


Louise van den Heuvel 'Sonic Hug' — album teaser