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Bram De Looze / Alexander Popelier

Bram De Looze

4th solo album release | Spotting Gateways

Like no other, Bram De Looze has left his mark on Belgian jazz of the past decade. Far away from trends and hypes, this young pianist is building a visionary oeuvre of an international calibre, in which introspection and curiosity balance each other out. In every project he looks for new challenges and sources of inspiration, whether solo or with his energetic trio formations MiXMONK and LABtrio. During Klarafestival, he presents his fourth solo album Spotting Gateways. It is all about the creative process, with its mix of control and surrender. What happens when you let the music flow freely in the moment, and seize the opportunities that present themselves? At the intersection of improvisation and composition, a unique experience is created for pianist and audience alike.

Flagey, Klarafestival

'Some pieces are reminiscent of Facing you, the record that superpianist Keith Jarrett recorded when he was the same age as De Looze is now.’ – De Standaard about Switch The Stream