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Minguet Quartett / Irene Zandel

Minguet Quartett

The riddles of Beethoven, Verdi, Nono and Ockeghem

The renowned Minguet Quartett celebrates the 100th anniversary of Luigi Nono’s birth with a rendition of Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima. Inspired by Hölderlin’s poems to his beloved, this string quartet sketches a soundscape of the human soul. On the threshold of the audible, a delicate web of whispering sounds, transforming timbres and fleeting melodies emerges. There are silences between the notes that speak volumes. At first glance, this radical work is a challenge for performers and listeners. But anyone who surrenders to Nono’s sensual world emerges as a new person. The Italian composer found the key to the new in the old. For example, he based Fragmente-Stille on the ‘enigmatic scale’ of Verdi’s Ave Maria, and drew inspiration from a string quartet by Beethoven. Just before the end, Nono quotes a chanson by Ockeghem, thus harking back to the roots of music history.

Flagey, Klarafestival

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