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Anna Vinnitskaya & Ensemble Appassionato / Johan Jacobs / Rémi-Rière

Anna Vinnitskaya & Ensemble Appassionato

5x Bach!  Five keyboard concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach will be played on this unique concert. For the occasion, Anna Vinnitskaya has invited her own teacher Evgeni Koroliov and his wife Ljupka Hadzi-Georgieva, two exceptional pianists and close friends who helped launch the extraordinary career of our artist-in-residence. The three pianists are accompanied by the French chamber orchestra Appassionato.


Bach // Concertos for Pianos by Evgeni Koroliov, Anna Vinnitskaya, Ljupka Hadzi Goergieva
Flagey Piano Days 2024
Flagey Piano Days 2024 | 07 – 11.02.24