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Koong ! Flap Flap

Piro Piro

Anima Saturday | Junior 3+

A collection of  poetic animated films in which the talent of two young South Korean directors, Baek Miyoung and Min Sung-Ah, reveals a universe of warm pastel colours. Little birds guide you through these six tender and humourous films.

Flagey, Folioscope

Koong ! Flap Flap
When a sleeping crocodile meets a little bird.
A Bird Who Loves a Flower
The story of a bird who loved flowers.
The journey of a blue butterfly whose instinct is to follow the flowers and let the wind take him.
Piro Piro
Piro Piro and Dalle are 2 birds. The first one comes from the forest, the second one from the city. When they meet in front of a flower shop, Piro Piro wants to fly together to the forest, but Dalle doesn't seem to be in any shape to fly...
Dancing in the rain
Two rabbits dance in the rain.
The Newly Coming Seasons
The demilitarised zone in Korea, created following the armistice of 27 July 1953, is known as an intact ecosystem, far from any human presence.

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