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L’esprit de la forêt

Contes de Printemps

Anima Saturday | Junior 5+

A programme of four short films to awaken nature and our hearts!

Spring is just around the corner. In the middle of the jungle nature takes back its rights and surprising encounters, feelings of love, singing troubadours come into play. Highly original stories brought to life by talented young animators to celebrate a season full of promise...

Flagey, Folioscope

The spirit of the forest
An adventurous young girl enters the forest near her village in southern India.
Wild roommate
Before the monsoon arrives, an idealistic goat decides to build a hut in the middle of the jungle to take refuge.
The Queen of the Foxes
In the hope to put a smile back on their queen's face, the foxes head out into the city every night in search of love letters that have never been sent.
Melody of the woods
A troubadour is expelled from the town when the queen sees his face.

Flagey, Folioscope

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Anima Saturdays 23|24