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Floris de Rycker & La Compagnia del Corpo nero

Floris de Rycker & La Compagnia del Corpo Nero

La Compagnia del Corpo Nero, led by Floris De Rycker, presents an intimate program for violin, lute, and lautenwerck featuring music from the eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784). He is one of the early representatives of the Sturm und Drang movement, where subjectivity in music becomes important. This leads to surprising compositions with many mood changes and contrasts. Lautenwerck - a hybrid instrument between harpsichord and lute - is a special instrument that was present in the Bach family's home. The gut strings of this instrument create a unique sound. "The realization of ultimate beauty - including vocal coloration! - requires, all things considered, the most powerful conceivable artistic and technical impulse. All of this is in the best hands with Floris De Rycker." (Opus Klassiek).


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