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Toy Story 3 / Disney Pixar

Masterclass Screenwriting with Michael Arndt

Futuranima | +12

Masterclass on screenwriting for animation with Michael Arndt. This American screenwriter, who won an Oscar for Little Miss Sushine, also worked on Star Wars and The Hunger Games. He was involved in the writing process of such classics as Wall-E, Inside Out and The Incredibles 2. The script of Toy Story 3 also earned him nominations at the BAFTA and Oscar awards.

This masterclass will take an in-depth look at Act One, which sets up everything for your story. It’s where all the pieces of your story are introduced: you present the hero/heroine and their flaw or trauma, their want, need and the new world to which they aspire.

Michael Arndt’s vision of how a script works is unique and highly instructive. He has been sharing his knowledge online for years. We are privileged to have him as a guest at this year’s Festival – in person!

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