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Hi no Tori: Eden no Hana / Beyond C- Co-, Ltd-

PHOENIX: Reminiscence of Flower

Shojiro Nishimi | 16+

In the age of space exploration, Romi and her lover George flee a devastated Earth in search of a new world, settling on planet Eden17. However, it turns out to be an inhabitable land. After losing George in an accident, Romi is determined to survive with her son Cain and enters a hibernation pod. When she awakes 1,300 years later, she finds a thrivint city of Eden. As she ages, her longing for Earth grows stronger. One day, Romi and an Edenian boy Com embark on a journey to go back to her home.

Flagey, Folioscope

PHOENIX: REMINISCENCE OF FLOWER (火の鳥 エデンの花) | Shojiro Nishimi | Anima 2024 • Trailer