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Queen Elisabeth Competition 2024: violin / Bruno Vessiez – Queen Elisabeth Competition


Joshua Brown

By the time you read these lines, you'll probably know the name of the winner of this year's Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, dedicated to the violin. At the Festival Musiq3, it's the public that chooses! In their day, you could have listened to Leonid Kogan, Vadim Repin or Sergey Khatchatryan. But the Festival wasn't born yet. And the last ones you chose were Lim Ji Young, Jodie Devos and Lorenzo Gatto... we trust you!

Discover the talents of tomorrow with the students of the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, who this year are once again joining the amazing adventure of the Festival Orchestra, formed around Shirly Laub, and the duo Koi Collective, winners of several competitions in Belgium, including the Concours Génération classique, of which we are proud partners.

Flagey, Festival Musiq3

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