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Medinea Orchestra

Vent nouveau

MEDINEA Grande Constellation

Fabrizio Cassol, composer and saxophonist with the group AKA MOON, among others, needs no introduction. Fabrizio loves bringing cultures together and opening up multiple dialogues, with music and artists from the four corners of the world.

Medinea was created at the Festival d'Art Lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence and since 2014 has brought together prodigious young musicians from countries around the Mediterranean, including the Balkans and Portugal. For the first time in Belgium, let your heart beat to the rhythms and sounds of virtuosos from Syria, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, France, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal. The result of these encounters is original music born of a collective composition process based on oral transmission. You'll hear a blend of Neapolitan, Arabic and Gnawa vocals, and orchestral combinations of traditional and classical instruments where oud, kaval, percussion and Greek clarinet harmonise with the cello. In this collective context, Fabrizio Cassol reinvents the notion of artistic direction, allowing the freedom of expression essential to the Medinea spirit of this new generation. A breath of fresh air of exceptional quality, to be shared without moderation!

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