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Junior 7+

Insectarium is a collection of modern fables whose heroines are... insects, and it's Emmanuelle Soupart from Jeunesses Musicales who tells us all about this musical show for 7-13 year olds! "From the weightless spider to the mountaineering caterpillar, from the worker ant to the nostalgic dragonfly, each story drawn from their daily lives deals with themes linked to our times: the relationship with work, the question of property, racism, cohabitation between living beings, the place of imagination... Insectarium is also a musical composition whose main instrument is the piano, but not just any piano! The poor thing is opened up, laid bare and diverted from its ordinary techniques. Pianists Marion Maurel and Sophie Vindrios (who form the duo Hælix) strike, caress, pluck, rub and tickle the strings, the keyboard and the body to suggest action, evoke the rustle of a wing, the weaving of a canvas or the frantic rhythm of the factory. The texts, in dialogue with the music, are read by Victoria Lewuillon and Astrid Akay, actresses and co-authors of the work. It was under the impetus of composer Virginie Tasset, who also conceived and wrote the project, that the quartet met and the piece took shape, giving birth to a poetic musical-theatrical creation in which we feel empathy for the adventures of these little creatures often considered undesirable. It's a sensitive, participatory and moving piece that will leave you with a strong sense of empathy".

Flagey, Festival Musiq3

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