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Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor & Kazushi Ono / Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Mahler 3

Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor, Octopus Kamerkoor, Kinderkoor Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

“It is nothing but humour, cheerfulness and enormous pleasure about the world,” said Gustav Mahler about his Third Symphony on one of his more positive days. The score is certainly a little more versatile than that, but it is definitely ‘enormous’. More than an hour and a half of music, with a gigantic string section and passages for alto solo, and women’s and boys’ choir.

Kazushi Ono takes the next step – a giant step in fact – in his journey with Mahler. With the Brussels Philharmonic, the Vlaams Radiokoor, Octopus Kamerkoor and the children’s choir of Opera Ballet Flanders all together on stage, it will certainly be a crowd. But our musical director expertly guides everyone through a symphony that fascinates him beyond measure.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor

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