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Meral Polat Trio / Han Ernest

Meral Polat Trio

album presentation : Ez Kî Me (2022, Meral Polat Records)

Meral Polat was born to tell stories, whether through theatre, film or music. In her first album, she shares the wisdom of her father's poems, which she sings in Kurdish. Keyboardist Chris Doyle and percussionist Jens Bouttery bed the melodies in long-drawn-out grooves that give complete freedom to Meral Polat’s meandering voice. Ez Kî Me (Who am I – 2022, Meral Polat Records) is a compelling quest through love, vitality and melancholy. The concert promises an intriguing journey through contemporary Anatolian folk, Kurdish sounds and the roots of blues.

Flagey, Jazzlab

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