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Anima on Tour for Kids 2023

Anima on Tour for Kids 2023

Anima Saturday

Discover the best of animated films from Anima 2023. The films come from all over the world and are without dialogue. Enjoy these wonderful films together with the whole family.

From 4 years old.

A short program for the little ones. They will enjoy films for them, with various techniques, with in order of appearance: affectionate teddy bears, a tyrannosaurus not good at basketball, two friends worms, a cautious bird, a little witch and an alien who prepares a delicious pink soup with a secret ingredient ...

A program of 6 short films:

Chut Chut Petit Ours, Māra Linina, LV, 2022, 4’40”

T-Rex, Julia Ocker, DE, 2022, 3’37”

Petits Vers de pluie : L'Écureuil, Jaromír Gál, CZ, 2022, 8’

Piropiro, Miyoung Baek, KR, 2021, 9’34”

Spin et Ella, An Vrombaut, BE, 2022, 7’05”

La Soupe de Franzy, Ana Chubinidze, FR/GE, 2021, 8’30”

Flagey, Folioscope

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