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Anneleen Boehme + Nabou Claerhout & Lynn Cassiers / Olivier Lestoquoit + Johan Jacobs

Anneleen Boehme Solo + Nabou Claerhout & Lynn Cassiers

double bill : 1 ticket, 2 concerts

Double bass player Anneleen Boehme made her name as a member of the LABtrio. Between her many projects, she now regularly performs on her own. Her solo performance at the Bel Jazz Fest was a real revelation. This performance was so successful that Anneleen is now preparing her first solo album, to be released by W.E.R.F. Records in 2023. Discover this extraordinary artist in a place that is just as exceptional: the Flagey Tower.


The artistic paths of Lynn Cassiers and Nabou Claerhout have crossed regularly on the Belgian stage. Both women are famous for exploring and pushing boundaries as composers and musicians. The concert will exceptionally take place in Studio 10, one of the original recording studios that opens its doors to the public for the occasion.