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Festival Musiq3 2024

Festival Musiq3 2024


Rise brings together emerging and established artists from the Belgian and international classical, jazz and electro scenes. Eighteen concerts for young and old, encounters, an evening of podcasts about music and human nature, a showcase for the Propulse Classique competition, new works by sound and plant sculptor Bob Verschueren and dj sets on the square! Experience classical music in a different way and get ready for the summer! And for the first time this year, the festival will open on Thursday with an exceptional evening. Head to Flagey and the surrounding area for four days of musical and artistic excellence at the Festival Musiq3.

With, among others : Vox Luminis, Thomas Dunford, the Brussels Philharmonic, Antoine Pierre, Marc-André Hamelin, Adèle Molle, Elise Caluwaerts, Jos van Immerseel, Glass Marcano... and many more!