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Wald Ensemble

Wald Ensemble, Chloe Jiyeong Mun

The Wald Ensemble, a chamber orchestra of exceptionally talented young Korean musicians, is set to return to Flagey after two years since their European debut in 2021.

The ensemble comprises principal members from prestigious orchestras, including Jehye Lee, the second violinist of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, alongside members from renowned orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Hanover North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Cologne Philharmonic.

The name 'Wald' originates from the German word for 'forest,' symbolizing a lush musical forest where young musicians gather to share music intimately with the audience, aiming to eliminate any distance between them.

Adding to the allure of this concert, pianist Chloe Jiyeong Mun, a consecutive awardee at the Swiss Geneva International Competition and the Italian Busoni International Competition, will join the ensemble. Juror Dirk Demus from the Busoni Competition praised her, stating, “I discovered a natural musicality that I thought had disappeared in this era within her.”

This upcoming event also commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Korea-EU Relations with distinguished musical excellence.

Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, Korean Cultural Center, Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange