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MikMâäk / Stefanie De Clercq

Mâäk 20 years

Mâäk 20 years presents: MikMâäk, FIVE + jam

In 2018, the collective Mâäk celebrates its 20th birthday with an exciting concert series by the big band MikMâäk and the project vaudou Kojo! This concert during the Brussels Jazz Festival is the kick-off of a festive year for them. You can expect a concert evening by MikMâäk and guest artists, a photo exhibition, a jam and of course... lots of bubbles!

Twenty years ago, the trumpeter Laurent Blondiau (°1968) gathered around him a group of musicians for a musical adventure based on his ideas and on his vision of jazz. On their first album... LIVEs... (1998), one can find a description that remains very appropriate, even after two decades: " Intelligent and passionate music arranged in short themes and open forms, often daring tempos with a great deal of liberty for the musicians, free-wheeling and lightly exorcing”.


Organized chaos, with breath-taking solo interventions organically flowing into liberating compositions... all with a touch of disarming humour! MikMâäk is anything but your average big band, it is a successful & wicked project by collective Mâäk. Laurent Blondiau (trumpets) and Guillaume Orti (saxes) are the artistic directors of MikMâäk, although the other musicians compose as well. This atypical crowd of 16 top artists was a resident band at Recyclart as well as Théâtre Marni and has performed at many festivals (Jazz Middelheim, Gaume Jazz, Mithra Jazz à Liège,...) since the birth of the project in June 2014. Their sound, energy & podium presence is simply fascinating. Organised chaos is altered with sharp individual interventions that flow organically into liberating compositions... with Mâäk’s disarming ‘touch of humour’!

After concert : FIVE +JAM (Hall Sainte-Croix)

Mâäk ‘Back to the roots’: Reunion of Mâäk ‘partners in crime’, who formed the artistic core of the collective between 2001 and 2008.


Brussels Jazz Festival 2018