Rolston String Quartet / Tianxiao Zhang

Rolston String Quartet

Before the concert, we organise a sonic tasting with pianist Julien Libeer, violinist Elsa de Lacerda and psychologist Jean Van Hemelrijck. Read all the details about it here. 

Since winning the prestigious Banff International String Quartet Competition in 2016, the career of Canada's Rolston String Quartet has been on overdrive. This young quartet was only founded in 2013, but they are already playing around the world on all the most important stages. The musicians don't hesitate to think outside the box. The programme contains not only great works by Mozart and Tchaikovsky, but also pieces by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen.

Flagey, Music Chapel

Rolston String Quartet | String Quartet, Op. 77, No. 1 (Haydn)