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La cérémonie et le film de clôture, The Shower / L’Averse / Seung-hun Han

The Shower

So-na-gi | Clôture/Slot

The short story, "The Shower" was written by Hwang Sun-Won in 1952, but is regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces in Korean literature and still read by all the young school children in the country. Koreans consider the story to be a reflection on the sensibility of the Korean culture with its simple tale about burgeoning love between a boy and a girl that everyone has lived through during adolescence. It is also a vision of nature, the Korean countryside totally magnified in its pictorial representation using an incredible palette of colours, the finesse and subtlety of the natural settings and the precision of the director's work that transcends the pure feelings of these teenagers and makes "The Shower" into a story of universal significance.

Co-founder of studio Mediation with a Pencil, director Jae-hun Ahn already has a number of remarkable films to his credit including the feature Green Days-Dinosaur and I. He will be attending this sneak preview.

The screening of the film will be preceded by the announcements of the winning films of Anima 2018, in the presence of big names from Belgian animation and filmmakers from the world over.

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