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Stéphane Galland / Alexander Popelier

Stéphane Galland & (The Mystery of) KEM feat. Ravichandra Kulur

album release : KEM (Outhere/Outnote, 2018)

The new album (the mystery of) KEM by Stéphane Galland is based on specific research on new rhythmical aspects. Kem, in ancient Egypt, means the colour black, like the silt of the Nile, the black, fertile earth. It is in that symbolic earth that (the Mystery of) KEM grows new rhythmical aspects whose schemes, “dances” and improvisations take root in the Yin and Yang complementarity of rhythmical pulses (even/uneven). With (the Mystery of) KEM, he visits the rhythmical roots where all the musical traditions that he has rubbed together and integrated into his own language converge and explores a specific space that allows the integration of all these concepts without a priori or stylistic limitation.


Soils: Stéphane Galland & (the mystery of) Kem, feat. Ravi Kulur
Stéphane Galland & (the mystery of) Kem: teaser
Stéphane Galland

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