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Sofya Melikyan / Natasha Lebedeva

Sofya Melikyan

Piknik concert | Album presentation : Spanish Piano Music : Granados & Mompou (Etcétera, 2018) – Recorded at Flagey

During this Piknik Concert, Sofya Melikyan creates a bridge between her native Armenia and Spain, the country to which she emigrated as a fifteen-year-old girl together with her parents. Sofya studied at the Tchaikovsky Academy in Yerevan and continued her studies at the Conservatorio Real of Madrid, the Conservatory of Paris and the Manhattan School of Music in New York with Joaquin Soriano, Brigitte Engerer, Solomon Mikowsky, François-René Duchable, Menahem Pressler and Horacio Gutierrez. This energetic and virtuoso concert is a reflection of her various sources of inspiration.



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