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Tigran Hamasyan / Jean-Baptiste Millot

Tigran Hamasyan Trio & Brussels Philharmonic

Jazz meets symphonic

The list of top international talent in the Jazz Meets Symphonic series will be enriched by 'the hottest pianist in jazz' (according to The Guardian): Tigran Hamasyan. The unbridled imagination of this versatile pianist combines folk music, rock, jazz and symphonic msuci into an improbably palette of sounds, colours and rhythms. His mentor Herbie Hancock gave him the finest tribute imaginable: ‘Now you have become my teacher.’

Flagey, De Bijloke, Brussels Philharmonic

Tigran Hamasyan

Tigran Hamasyan grew up in a musical family and values his Armenian roots. But he does not stop at the Armenian border: he is a musical glutton who absorbs music from many parts of the world.

Belgium has now also discovered this whirlwind. A few years ago, Tigran was the main guest at Jazz Middelheim, and in 2017 presented his solo album ‘The Ancient Observer’ at Flagey. Now a new disc has arrived: ‘For Gyumri’. “In just under 30 minutes, the pianist tells a personal story that in passing reinterprets a fair bit of piano jazz and folk. A perfect step to his more difficult work,” in the judgment of a reviewer. That more difficult work is here now, in the company of the Brussels Philharmonic.

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