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Fountain of Youth (Paul Tunge)

Fountain of Youth

Paul Tunge

Lousy businessman Olav, who is denied contact with his son, goes to the dark web to find an answer to his ills. As unconventional  as the therapy practiced by the protagonist, Paul Tunge manages to interest us in the fate of this character obsessed by image and success. Fountain of Youth is the third film this director has produced outside of Norway’s film support system.

Flagey, Brussels International Film Festival

Paul Tunge

Fountain of Youth is Paul Tunges third indie feature, premiered at 34th Bogota film fest. His previous films have been screened at international festivals all over the world, winning best international feature with Demning / Dam at Indielincs 2016. He works with super low budget and a handfull of a crew, dealing with existentialism, modernism and the zeitgeist.

Fountain of youth teaser 1