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Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton

« Buster in Love » | Film concert

Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles | 5+

The concerts and cineconcerts of Jeunesses Musicales in Brussels are always unforgettable moments for the youngests.

The fragments in this film concert are perfectly chosen to prove how the artist deserves his nickname ‘Buster.’ His mise-en-scène was always meticulously prepared and he did his own stunts, taking on every risk.

The choice to leave his face expressionless, helped the visual effects of the situational humor. He avoids every form of ‘sentimentalism’ in his attempt to treat the theme of love in a humoristic way. Doing so, he almost seems to turn into his own puppeteer, carrying his character with bodily movement instead of facial expressions.

As is the case with a lot of his colleagues, his athletic qualities make sure he doesn’t get caught up in the dubbing process, even in the most dangerous situations… a real Buster!

Flagey, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles