Herman De Dijn & Lieve Blancquaert / Koen Broos/Karoly Effenberger

Herman De Dijn & Lieve Blancquaert

Rituals: why can’t we do without? In our desire to be enchanted, rituals and spirituality are inextricably connected with our lives. Herman De Dijn, professor of philosophy and internationally renowned for his cultural philosophical essays on postmodernism, looks for answers in his latest book ‘Rituals”. Photographer Lieve Blancquaert investigated how people around the world are born, love and say goodbye, using beautiful images and touching stories from different cultures and religions.

Today all benchmarks seem gone, except for one: it's all about the 'self'. But more and more we desire to rise above ourselves, and we look for new rituals in this disenchanted world. How can we give a place to reflection, wonder and spirituality in today’s busy world? Philosopher Ignaas Devisch (UGent), author of Rusteloosheid and Het empatisch teveel will lead the conversation.

Flagey, Paard van Troje